Today marks the day in which CryptoMoji the iMessage emoji app will be deleted from the app store. Here’s what it looks like through the process.

  1. Take a brief look at the app in the store *eyes swell*

2. Click My Apps on the Apple Connect homepage

3. Click the App you’re trying to remove.

4. Scroll Down on the App Information page to find “Remove App” link.

5. Confirm removal of App from App store. This should remove application, unless this happens..

6. Since I forgot to change the Availability before removing the app, the error pops up “This app is unable to be removed right now.”

7. Head over to Pricing and Availability tab on App Store Connect and change Availability to “Remove from sale”.

8. The removal was successful, and now another developer is free to take the CryptoMoji URL on the Apple App store.

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